Jekyll Island Authority

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Jekyll Island Master Plan

An online version of the Jekyll Island Master Plan is available. Click Here >> Jekyll Island Master Plan

Jekyll Island Authority Progress Report 2013

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Attention Jekyll Island Residents and Businesses:

The Jekyll Island Authority is switching to a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program which will allow us to better serve our residential and business leaseholders with relevant and timely information. If you are a leaseholder, or an actual resident or business manager on Jekyll Island and would like to receive periodic notices and alerts, please complete the following form. The information you provide will be synchronized with our current database and will not be a duplicate entry. Should you have any questions, please contact Danella Crews at the Jekyll Island Authority, (912) 635-4092 or

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Through an act of the state legislature, the Jekyll Island Authority was created to oversee the conservation and development of the Island.  The Authority board consists of members appointed by the governor to serve four-year terms.  The chairman of the board is also appointed by the governor to serve a one-year term.

According to state law, the Authority board consists of the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources or his designee and eight residents of the state, two of whom reside in the coastal area.

The members of the board constitute the policy-making body of the Authority.  They do not receive compensation for their services and are accountable in all respects as trustees for the island.

The Authority is a self-supporting body, obtaining its operating revenues from leases, park fees, and Island amenities.  This income is used to maintain, develop, beautify, and promote the Island as a world-class vacation and meeting destination.  Jekyll Island does not receive any tax revenues for its operation.

The Authority employs a full-time executive director who is responsible for the operation and promotion of the Island’s amenities, and for providing certain public services to Island residents and businesses. The Authority is organized into three divisions; each directed by an executive reporting to the CEO.



The schedule of fines is interactive in that you can click on the ordinance code section and be brought directly to the exact ordinance language so that you can find the specific details of the violation.