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Jekyll Island Authority

Managing A Public Treasure on Georgia's Coast

About the JIA

The Jekyll Island Authority is a self-supporting state agency responsible for the overall management and stewardship of Jekyll Island, obtaining its operating revenues from leases, fees, and island amenity operations. This income is used to maintain, develop, beautify, and promote Jekyll Island as a public beach resort and a world-class vacation and meeting destination. Jekyll Island does not receive any tax revenues for its operation. Through an act of the state legislature, the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) was created to oversee the conservation, development and management of Jekyll Island. The JIA Board of Directors consists of members appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms. The chairman of the board is also appointed by the governor to serve a one-year term and retains the chair until replaced. The Authority employs a full-time Executive Director who is responsible for the operation and promotion of the island, and for providing certain public services to island residents and businesses.


Flooding on Jekyll Island is caused by tropical storms and hurricanes. Flood waters can cover many blocks up to two or three feet deep. The areas most prone to flooding are along the beach and marshes. In other areas of the island floodwaters are not as deep, but may still cover streets and yards and can flood cars, garages, basements and lower floors.

Flooding can come with little warning. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd caused extensive damage to Jekyll Island. Please take heed of any storm and hurricane warnings on Jekyll Island and follow the outlined protocol to ensure you and your families safety.

Utility Information
Police Protection

Provided by the Georgia State Patrol. The patrol post is located adjacent to the Guest Information Center on the Jekyll Island Causeway. Non-emergency calls should be made by calling 635-2303. Dial 911 for emergencies or 635-2555 (cell phones).


Provided by Georgia Power. The local office is located at 800 Gloucester Street in Brunswick. For information regarding electrical power call 888-891-0938.


Provided by AT&T. For information regarding home telephone service call 780-2355; for business service call 780-2800.


Cable television service is provided by COMCAST, 635-2410.

Post Office

The local branch of the U.S. Post Office is located in the Jekyll Island Shopping Center on Beachview Drive. For postal service information call 635-2625.

Trash Collection

If you have a question regarding your trash collection, please call 635-4097 Each residence is responsible for the purchase of a rollout trash container available from the Jekyll Island Authority in a 90-gallon capacity at the market rate. These are the only types of containers compatible with the JIA’s automated trash collection system. Household garbage should be contained in trash or paper bags and placed in the containers. Extra garbage should not be placed next to the garbage can. The trash collection fee is $56.65 bi-monthly (every two months) for one can/curbside service. This includes yard trash and garbage collection. For inquiries about trash collection and options, contact Brandi Lee with The Jekyll Island Authority at 635-4097.

Collection Schedule Household garbage should be placed in the rollout trash container and taken to the side of the road. The collection schedule is as follows:

Monday: Albright, Austin, Barnes, Barron, Beachview, Bliss, Borden, Brice, Dexter, Ellis, Forrest, Gould, King, Lanier, Ogden, Nelson, Porter, Stewart, Tallu Fish, Thorne, Tyler

Tuesday: Baker, Bond, Captain Wylly, Claflin, Clark, Glynn, Hayes, Howland, Hyde, Jennings, Macy, Magee, Maurice, Morgan, North Riverview, Old Plantation, Pierson, Potter, St. Andrews

Holidays If a holiday is recognized on a Monday or Tuesday, household garbage will be collected on the day following your usual collection day. If a holiday is recognized on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, yard trash will be collected on the day preceding your usual collection day.

Incidental Trash

Incidental trash is considered small objects weighing less than 25 pounds, such as lawn chairs, carpet scraps and broken appliances. Incidental trash will be collected on regular garbage collection days. Place the trash beside (not inside) the rollout trash container and it will be picked up by rollout service attendants. The owner will be responsible for disposing of construction materials.

Large Items Large items such as old stoves, refrigerators, and household furniture will be collected for a minimum fee of $45 per pick-up truckload and $75 per pickup dump truck load. Call (912) 635-4097 to schedule a pick-up.

Yard Waste Pickup on Mondays. Tree limbs, leaves, pine straw, clippings and other organic matter should not be placed in the automated trash containers. To ensure safety, pile yard trash loose (not in bags) and neatly on the road shoulder away from power lines and tree limbs. Time schedule is tentative. It may vary due to inclement weather and holidays. In the event of a holiday being recognized on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, yard trash collection will be on the previous day.

Administrative Offices

100 James Road
Jekyll Island, Georgia 31527


Office Hours:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Jekyll Island
Guest Information Center

901 Downing Musgrove Parkway
Jekyll Island Georgia 31527

 1-877-4-JEKYLL or 912-635-3636

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Working for the Authority is an opportunity to be a part of a winning team whose goal is to keep Jekyll Island special! With great benefits, retirement savings plan options, paid holidays, education and training opportunities, the JIA is a great place to have a JOB! The Jekyll Island Authority participates in E-Verify. (Company ID Number 43995, authorized 05/10/2007.)

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