Appendix A – Interim Conservation Plan Natural History
Appendix B – Interim Conservation Plan Habitats
Appendix C – Interim Conservation Plan Floral and Fauna Lists
Appendix D – Interim Conservation Plan Natural Resource Profiles
Appendix E – Rare Plant Survey
Appendix F – Plant List for Jekyll Report
Appendix G – Vegetation Community Descriptions
Appendix H – 2008 Annual Bird Banding Report
Appendix I – Locations or species and communities of highest priority
Appendix J – Environmental Education Subcommittee Initial Meeting Results
Appendix K – Bibliography

Conservation Plan

The Mission of the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) Conservation Program is to preserve, maintain, manage, and restore Jekyll Island’s natural communities and species diversity while providing nature-based educational and recreational opportunities for the general public.

The Conservation Program is guided by the Jekyll Island Conservation Plan. Approved by the JIA Board in August of 2011, the Conservation Plan creates a framework for protecting and managing the natural resources of Jekyll Island. The Plan defines long-term objectives, desired goals, and management actions.

The Conservation Plan was created with extensive review by JIA staff, an expert Conservation Planning Committee and the two representatives of the public that participated in Committee meetings and the preparation of draft reports. Hundreds of individuals commented on the initial drafts and this input led to substantial improvement in the Plan. The expectation from the JIA Board, the Conservation Planning Committee, JIA staff, and the public is that this thoroughly vetted Conservation Plan will provide a sustained vision for natural resource protection on Jekyll Island.

The Conservation Plan is being implemented under the supervision of the Director of Conservation and the JIA Conservation Committee. The Conservation Committee includes leaders within JIA and seeks consultation from external partners when additional expertise is required.


Questions about conservation? Contact Ben Carswell, Director of Conservation:

Office: 912.635.9384
Mobile: 912.242.6222

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