Environmental Assessment Procedure

All proposed projects that have significant potential to degrade natural systems within Jekyll Island State Park must undergo an Environmental Assessment (EAP) review to assess the potential environmental impacts. Each proposed project must demonstrate that it does not compromise the ability to conserve and restore Jekyll Island’s natural communities and species diversity or compromise Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) interests in providing public outdoor recreation and education or achieving JIA institutional sustainability goals. Initially implemented in 2012, the Environmental Assessment Procedure (EAP) is integral to moderating development pressures and preventing the over development of Jekyll Island. The Jekyll Island Conservation Plan provides guides its implementation.

Core Review Team

Reviews in Progress

Jekyll Island Campground Expansion

A planned 12-acre expansion of the existing Jekyll Island campground was called for in the 2014 Master Plan. The existing campground is 23 acres with an average of 7.8 sites per acre. The site plan for the 12-acre expansion currently proposes an average of 4.5 sites per acre.