31•81, the Magazine of Jekyll Island


The story of Jekyll Island has captured imaginations for generations.

From sea turtles to ancient driftwood to unique cottages—every path leads to a new discovery. 31·81, the Magazine of Jekyll Island, invites you to explore this special place. Providing a glimpse into the rich stories about Georgia’s most unique barrier island, 31·81 will educate and inspire you while delivering on Jekyll’s mission of conservation, preservation, and education. The magazine features stunning photography paired with thoughtful articles, telling the wonderfully complex and special story of Jekyll Island – lying 31 degrees north latitude and 81 degrees west longitude – in a way no other publication can.

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31•81: A Commemorative Collection

Discover Jekyll Island’s past, present, and future within the pages of this commemorative collection celebrating the island’s 75th anniversary as Jekyll Island State Park. Journey from the days of the early Native Americans through the Gilded Age and into the modern era through stories of Georgia’s most unique barrier island.

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