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RFP 356: Golf Master Plan, Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Jekyll Island State Park Authority (the “Authority” or “JIA”) is seeking proposals from qualified firms specializing in master plan development, especially with emphasis in golf course redevelopment, layout, redesign, not limited to course redesign, but all ancillary infrastructure, including the club house, other facilities, practice ranges and greens. The JIA is interested in hearing from firms that have an eye on the future of golf and are visionary in their approach to future use of the golf courses and any proposed reuse of acreage. Proposers are encouraged to consider partnering with firms outside the golf industry with expertise in planning and design of parks or other outdoor recreation spaces to optimize proposals for the reuse of any acreage with the mission and goals of the JIA.

Download PDF: RFP 365, RFI 240 Response Review, Addendum

Requests for Quote

RFQ 334: Jekyll Island Road Resurfacing

Sealed bids will be received for a contract that includes: approximately 3.1 miles of asphalt overlay repair and installation, asphalt construction, stop bars and manhole spacers per GDOT Standard Specifications, 2013 Edition.

Download PDF: RFQ 334


RFQ 335: Airport Consulting Services

The Jekyll Island Authority is seeking a qualified aviation consulting firm to provide professional planning, engineering, architectural, and construction administration services in connection with the Airport Capital Improvement Plan at the Jekyll Island Airport on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Download PDF: RFQ 335


RFQ 354: Blueprint & Map Archival Project Jekyll Island Museum Archives, Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Jekyll Island Museum Archives, part of the Historic Resources Division of the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA), is seeking to retain a project archivist as an independent contractor to provide services for the blueprint and map collection archive project as described in this RFQ.

Download PDF: RFQ 354, Addendum


RFQ 356: Limited Scope Improvements to the Jekyll Island Historic District, Jekyll Island, GA

The Jekyll Island State Park Authority is seeking quotes from bidders for all services, labor, and materials called for by them to perform all work in strict accordance with the plans and specifications for the limited scope improvements to the Jekyll Island Historic District.

Download PDF: Invitation to Bid