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Requests for Proposals

RFQ 331: Jekyll Island Road Resurfacing

The Jekyll Island Authority is seeking quotes for road resurfacing on portions of streets on Jekyll Island in Glynn County, Georgia. Sealed bids will be received for a contract that includes: approximately 1.83 miles of asphalt overlay repair and installation, asphalt construction and manhole spacers per GDOT Standard Specifications, 2013 Edition.

Download PDF: RFQ 331

RFP 351: Jekyll Island Beachfront Shoreline Rock Revetment Rehabilitation

The project is located along 9,800 ft of the Jekyll Island shoreline and includes rehabilitation of an existing rock revetment which was originally constructed in the 1960s-70s. The revetment has undergone degradation over the past 30+ years, but experienced significant damage with the loss of elevation and rock displacement during Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. The project involves restoring the existing revetment back to the crest elevations and slopes of the original design template, includes a 5 ft-wide crest at elevation +10.5 ft NAVD88, 1V:2H seaward slope, and a 1V:1.5H landward slope.

All stone and rocks within the existing revetment footprint, within and landward of the proposed Design Template shown on the Bid Drawings, will be reused to the extent practical. Smaller stone will be used as a base/core stone or chinking to fill voids, while any available larger stone may be reincorporated into the armor layer. The majority of the armor materials will need to be procured by the Contractor and delivered to the site for placement in the Design Template. Existing stone within the proposed maintenance template shall only be moved/re-stacked to the extent necessary to recreate the original design template. No regrading of existing rock is permitted seaward of MHW, other than new rock required to build the Design Template. All work shall occur on or landward of the existing revetment, with materials delivered from land.

Final Negotiations: RFP 351, Jekyll Island Beachfront Shoreline Rock Revetment Rehabilitation

The apparent lowest bidder responsive to RFP 351 is S.J. Hamill Construction Company, LLC. The JIA is moving forward with due diligence and final contract negotiation with S.J. Hamill. Thank you for your interest in this RFP.

RFP #351: Jekyll Island Revetment Rehabilitation Contractor Bids

RFP 352: Historic District Improvements | Jekyll Island Historic District | Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Jekyll Island Authority is seeking proposals from qualified firms, entities, or individuals that specialize in providing architectural and/or engineering design services for the planning and design of life safety and access improvements under the Americans with Disabilities Act to a number of areas and buildings within the National Historic Landmark District on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Download PDF: RFP 352

Questions & Answers

Q: May I get an estimated value or range for this project?
A: There is not an estimated value range for this RFP. Part of the design criteria will be to develop estimated cost for each work item.

Q: Could you please explain what you want on page 19 ‘Statement of Proposer’s Qualifications’ when you ask for “Credit Available for the Contact”?
A: This is a typo and should read, “Credit Available for the Contract.”

Q: May I get a list of the attendees to the Pre-Bid Meeting and Site Visit that took place on 3/9/18?
A: The attendees to the Pre-Bid Meeting were:
Melissa Elkins, Expert Consultants, LLC
Scott Barnard, Barnard Architects
Chase Gregory, Studio 8 Design
Sarah D’Auriol, Raymond Engineering
Katie Walker-Mai, LS3P

Award: RFP 352, Jekyll Island Historic District Improvements

The Jekyll Island Authority has selected Studio8 Design as the lowest cost responsive bidder for RFP 352: Jekyll Island Historic District Improvements. Thank you for your interest in this RFP.