Early-Detection Network for Rare or Invasive Wildlife

Our conservation staff routinely looks out for the presence of rare wildlife species as well as potentially harmful nuisance wildlife. We manage a network of trail cameras positioned in various habitats across the island to alert us to the presence of any previously undetected wildlife species on the island by setting the cameras in remote locations that may otherwise go unmonitored. Early detection of rare species led to the discovery of bobcats in 2014. Potential new-arrivals we are watching out for may include feral hogs, coyotes, European fallow deer, and armadillos. All four of these species are confirmed on nearby barrier islands as well as the mainland. In some cases, newly arriving species may threaten native wildlife through predation, competition, or transmission of disease. To make a report of any of these species, call our wildlife cell phone at 912.222.5992.