Long Gone Summers

By Tony Rehagen Revisiting some of Jekyll’s most memorable forgotten attractions Jekyll Island has long been a vacation destination. Wealthy snowbirds flocked to its natural grandeur at the turn of the twentieth century. When the state took over the island in 1947, the goal was…

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Native American Midden

Time & Place

By Josh Green / Photography by Brian Austin Lee The reimagined Museum of Jekyll Island offers a mosaic of artifacts across human and natural history One breezy December afternoon at the eastern edge of Jekyll Island’s historic district, an unassuming white building that could pass…

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American Alligator

How to Get Along with Gators

By Candice Dyer Alligators live in peaceful plenitude on Jekyll Island‚ and wildlife experts keep a closer tab on them than you might imagine. Still‚ some generous distance is good for everyone. The scene at Horton Pond is eerily still. Even the insects are silent.…

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Minkus Turtle

Off the Table

By Osayi Endolyn How the disappearance of turtle soup, once an American culinary staple, reflects Jekyll Island’s modern evolution Among recipes for calf’s head soup and oyster gumbo, Abby Fisher included instructions for green turtle soup in her notable 1881 collection What Mrs. Fisher Knows…

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All the basics for catching (and eating) your dinner

By Josh GreenIllustrations by Helen Seay FIRST STEP: Anyone sixteen and up who wants to catch something live in Georgia (including crab and shrimp) needs a license. They cost $15 per year for Georgia residents ($50 otherwise) and can be obtained at most tackle shops,…

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Jekyll Island Pier

Catch Your Dinner (or have fun trying)

By Josh Green / Photography by Gabriel Hanway A clueless fisherman from the big city attempts to reel in a feast on Jekyll I’m not too macho to admit I rarely go fishing because‚ for one thing‚ I feel sorry for the fish. Getting caught…

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Meet the Locals: Harrisons

Meet the Locals

What’s it like living on a tiny barrier island that happens to be a state park? Old and new residents share their stories. Jekyll Island is a small town—some 1,000 people occupying a cozy 5,700 acres. That’s not to say everyone knows everyone, but there’s…

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Beach Views: Driftwood Beach

Beach Views

Whether you’re looking for fun in the sun, solitude in nature, an amazing photo op, or tonight’s dinner, Jekyll’s broad coast awaits By Bill Warhop It’s easy to get to Jekyll Island—and easy to lose yourself once there. “On the right beach at the right…

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Lost Jekyll: Burning Solterra Cottage

Lost Jekyll

You can’t visit them anymore, but these once-vibrant structures are worth remembering By Wendell BrockArchival images courtesy of the Jekyll Island Museum Archives Jekyll Island has been shaped by time, nature, and human enterprise. It has survived fires, storms, and scandals—events hard to imagine when…

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Only on Jekyll: Trail Riding

Only on Jekyll

One tiny island, five original experiences By Elizabeth Florio, Justin Heckert, and Bill WarhopPhotography by Gregory Miller You don’t actually have to do anything to appreciate Jekyll Island. Simply look at the stars. But on this seven-mile strip of sand and marsh, there’s a surprising…

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Diamondback Rattlesnake

Snake Charmed

Wildlife experts on Jekyll want to share the underappreciated awesomeness of eastern diamondback rattlers. But first they have to find them. By Justin Heckert I’d never gone looking for snakes before. And Marcy the rattlesnake was somewhere in the marsh on Jekyll Island. I was…

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Pier Road

Independent Streak

The shops of Jekyll Island carry vacation essentials and one-of-a-kind keepsakes By Jennifer SenatorPhotography by Kristin Karch You’d be forgiven if you didn’t think of Jekyll Island, sea turtle sanctuary and Victorian time capsule, as a shopping destination. But among the tidy storefronts of Beach…

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