Beginning New Year’s Day and continuing through the months of January and February Jekyll Island hosts “Island Treasures on Jekyll Island,” a unique treasure hunting experience on Jekyll Island.

The treasures are handcrafted glass floats called Island Treasures. The glass floats have been sought after by Jekyll Island guests since 2002. Each is a unique design and is stamped with the year of the hunt on its base.

Island Treasures mimic glass floats once used on the nets of fishermen in the early 1900’s. The floats would sometimes break loose and wash ashore for lucky beachcombers to find and keep.

Collecting these glass floats became a hobby in the 1950’s when the commercial fishing industry began using plastic and Styrofoam floats, making glass fishing floats rare, highly sought after and valuable Island Treasures.

During these first two winter months, Jekyll Island recreates this treasure hunting experience for their visitors. Volunteers hide the Island Treasures in various locations on Jekyll Island for lucky guests to find.

The glass floats are the work of commissioned artists from across the country. This eclectic group of talented artists uses the same techniques that have been used for 2000 years to create glass art pieces.

Lucky treasure hunters can register their Island Treasure at the Jekyll Island Guest Information Center to receive a biography of the artist and a certificate of authenticity.

The Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m and Sunday 10am till 5 pm.

Online Hunting: For those unlucky Jekyll Island fans unable to visit during the months of January and February, we make it possible for you to join in on the Island Treasures fun – interactively. Placed throughout our website – – is a small little thumbnail picture of one of the glass beauties. All you have to do is click on it and enter your name and email address to win. A winner is randomly selected once a week and we are glad to send it right to your door. Your odds of winning are not increased by how many times you enter your info so let the hunting begin.

Where to Purchase: Island Treasure Glass Floats can be purchased through our Online Store or by visiting the Jekyll Island Guest Information Center Gift Shop, Just By Hand shop and Gypsea Glass and Jekyll Island Glass Blowing Center.

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