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Jekyll Island’s exquisite natural beauty has long drawn guests to its barrier shores. From the Native American and British settlers to the Jekyll Island Club millionaires and the thousands of guests who arrive today, the Island is a haven of history and wonder. Here, guests are taken back to the eras gone by and uncover the heritage that makes the Island undeniably unique. With miles of beach, marsh and maritime forest, Jekyll Island is a haven of discovery.On your Jekyll Island journey, you’ll find the treasures of the Island, from our marine life and sandy shores to our ancient oak trees draped in moss. Around every corner, a new adventure awaits. Come see what you’ll discover!


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Frozen Not Forgotten

Frozen Not Forgotten

 The Mystery of Hibernation, Adaptation, and Migration Do you wonder what happens to Jekyll Island’s wildlife during the winter? What is cold stunning and why does it affect some sea turtles and not others? Get an exclusive tour after hours of Georgia’s only... read more