Nature’s Revenge

By Tony Rehagen

Wet footprints splash up the concrete stairs before you. As you climb‚ you notice the peaceful creek below‚ but excited screams from above pull you back to your fate. Within minutes you are at the slide’s summit‚ forty feet above Summer Waves Water Park. Down is the only way to go‚ but there are two ways to get there. Left to the blue Tornado or right to the red Hurricane? The lifeguards can’t seem to agree which is faster. You choose red‚ grip the metal crossbar‚ nod at the stranger on the other slide‚ and at the lifeguard’s command sling yourself into the open tube. Lying flat and compact‚ you cut the corners as the air and chlorine blast against your face. Seconds later‚ you reach the pool at the bottom and sit up to see your opponent arrived at the same time. You and your new friend race to the stairs to make another ascent.

Appeared In: 31·81 The Magazine of Jekyll Island Spring/Summer 2019