Ordinance Revisions

Beach Lighting

Staff recommends updates to the Beach Lighting ordinance, initially approved by the Board in 2008. Broadly, the proposed changes are designed to increase compliance and strengthen enforcement while eliminating ambiguities that can lead to inconsistency of interpretation. More specifically, changes are needed to bring our ordinance in line with the current wavelength standard for “turtle-friendly” lighting as defined by the State of Florida, which produces model ordinances and manages a lighting certification program which is widely emulated and referenced beyond just the State of Florida. Proposed changes also alleviate a conflict in the current language which puts the ordinance at odds with the United States Flag Code, and codifies the Authority’s ability to lift the ordinance requirements before the end of turtle “nesting season”, as defined in the ordinance, if circumstances result in a total lack of sea turtle nests present on the island prior to that date.

PDF: Proposed Revisions to the “Beach Lighting” Ordinance – Chapter 10, Article IV of JIA Code of Ordinances

Overnight Parking

PDF: Proposed Revisions to “Overnight Parking” Ordinance

Sleeping in Public Areas

PDF: Proposed Revisions to “Sleeping in Public Areas” Ordinance


Any comments regarding the proposed revisions can be submitted below for review.