Jekyll Island Beachfront Shoreline Rock Revetment Rehabilitation Project

Phase 2

The apparent lowest bidder responsive to the Phase 2 call for bids is TIC – The Industrial Company. The JIA is now moving forward with due diligence and final contract negotiation with TIC. Thank you for your interest.

Jekyll Island Revetment Rehabilitation Contractor Bids (PDF)

In general, Phase 2 of the project (including bid alternatives) consists of utilizing an approved upland borrow source for fill placement of about 120,000 cubic yards of beach compatible material along nearly 15,000 linear feet of shoreline (landward of an existing rock revetment and along a small active beach area);  placement of geotextile materials; construction of a ~230 linear feet armor stone revetment; installation of a ~150 linear feet geotextile tube; beach and dune plantings; and installation of sand fencing and dune rope fencing.

Jekyll Island Phase 2 Bid Documents (PDF)

Jekyll Island Shoreline Rehabilitation Bid Drawings

Jekyll Island Phase 2 Addendum #1 (PDF)