Beach Lighting Ordinance

Public Comments

Public comments closed May 7, 2020.

Download PDF: Proposed “Beach Lighting” Ordinance 
Download PDF:
 Public Session 3.12.20 – Online Submissions
Download PDF: Public Session 3.12.20 – Summary of Public Commentary

Beach Lighting Ordinance Public Session

Thursday, March 12 • 4:30-6 p.m.
McCormick’s Grill, upstairs

Joint JIA & DNR summary of proposed revisions to Jekyll Island Beach Lighting Ordinance and opportunity for public comment. 

Download PDF: Draft of Proposed Revisions to Beach Lighting Ordinance
A previous version of the proposed ordinance was uploaded that has subsequently been replaced with the current draft version. Due to a possible issue of interpretation that was not intended by JIA or DNR, and with agreement between JIA and DNR, the current draft version removed the words “subject to conditions set forth in subsection (5) of this section” from Section 10-81(4).

Download PDF: Letter to C. Jones Hooks, the Jekyll Island Authority

Link: Current Beach Lighting Ordinance in Municode