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43f4cf_3333f0d1540349f0be81e535272ac699.jpg_srz_p_918_375_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 1The Jekyll Island Research Program is a part of the Applied Wildlife Conservation Lab. This lab consists of individuals affiliated with Jekyll Island Authority, University of Georgia, and AmeriCorps. The majority of our research takes place on Jekyll Island, Georgia in accordance with Dr. Kimberly Andrews’ position as Research Coordinator at the Jekyll Island Authority Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Andrews is jointly employed by the University of Georgia where she conducts research and outreach through the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. Additionally, she is faculty at the UGA Odum School of Ecology where her graduate students conduct their degree work. In addition to graduate students, the Applied Wildlife Conservation Lab consists of technicians, AmeriCorps members, and undergraduate and high school interns. This lab exists because of the collaborations and partnerships of the multiple organizations that employ us and the generous sponsors and funders that support our research. The Research Department at the GSTC is dedicated to implementing Jekyll Island’s Conservation Plan, which was formulated to accomplish these very goals. The Conservation Plan, established by the Jekyll Island Authority’s Conservation Planning Committee, seeks the long-term conservation and management of natural resources on Jekyll Island. The strategy presented in the Plan includes a mission to preserve, maintain, manage, and restore Jekyll Island’s natural communities and species diversity while providing nature-based educational and recreational opportunities for the general public.