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Frozen Not Forgotten

Frozen Not Forgotten

 The Mystery of Hibernation, Adaptation, and Migration Do you wonder what happens to Jekyll Island’s wildlife during the winter? What is cold stunning and why does it affect some sea turtles and not others? Get an exclusive tour after hours of Georgia’s only...
Sea Turtle Summer 2014

Sea Turtle Summer 2014

The 2014 sea turtle season on Jekyll Island has been far from a bust. While this season has seen fewer turtle nests than recent years, our activity on the beach has been steady. While the state of Georgia has experienced reduced numbers of nesting turtles, there is no...

The Story Of Cap’n Crunch & Archie

Cap’n Crunch is a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle that stranded on Bay View Beach in Dennis, Massachusetts on December 3, 2013. He/she was originally taken to the New England Aquarium because of cold stunning. The New England Aquarium slowly brought Cap’n...